Know the forecast with Kevin Williams and

  • Weather-Track provided proof that sufficient light conditions existed during twilight, to allow a youngster to see a pitched ball that struck him in the head. Thanks to our forensic report and testimony, our attorney's client (a town park which was the site of the incident), was not held negligible. (Rochester, NY)

  • Weather-Track provided extensive documentation of a paralyzing blizzard that struck the day of a wedding reception. Due to this "act of god," nearly all the invited guests were unable to attend. The court decided, therefore, to rule in favor of the couple seeking a partial refund. The attorney retaining the Weather-Track services attributed his success in the case to our report. (Long Island, NY)

  • Weather-Track helped prove that weather was not responsible for the destruction of a barn, which collapsed. The barn's owner claimed that high winds caused the incident. Our detailed report indicated that there were no severe wind conditions within at least 100 miles on the day the incident occurred. (Burlington, VT)